What is the psychology of stalkers?

Answer Stalkers engage in persistent, unwelcome communication with their victims. Harassment from stalkers can come in many forms, commonly including repeated letters or phone calls, following victims, or... Read More »

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What is the difference between psychology&clinical psychology?

Psychology, in general, is difficult to define. Psychology is made up of the history, theories, clinicians and researchers that helped establish the field. Many different branches of research and p... Read More »

TH Family: What if the stalkers get away. . .?

I'd write a letter. What is AMERICA going to do, bomb Germany....again? I'm sure if we get enough angry letters they would get a bit convinced. But if I was there I'd give whoever let Les Afghanes ... Read More »

What is counseling psychology v. clinical psychology?

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. The term is broad and can encompass different theories and practices. The main focus of most general university-based learning programs in psycho... Read More »

What is clinical psychology vs. social psychology?

Social and clinical psychology are major topics that both fall within the broader field of psychology. Whereas social psychology refers to the study of people in groups, clinical psychology refers ... Read More »