What is the protocol after treating candida?

Answer Candida albicans is one of dozens of types of yeast and bacteria that live in your digestive tract. These microorganisms assist with digestion, but when they become overgrown or get out of balance,... Read More »

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Is treating the scalp helpful in treating hair loss?

On One Hand: Medical IssuesIn some cases of hair loss, the culprit is a fungal infection of the scalp. The only way to stop the hair loss in that situation is to treat the scalp with anti-fungal me... Read More »

How long after treating the house with boric acid can pets return?

Boric acid has very low toxicity to animals unless ingested in large quantities. You can return pets to an environment treated with a boric acid suspension as soon as it is dry. Keep them out of ca... Read More »

How long must you wait to swim after treating the pool with Algeacide?

Answer Follow the instructions on the algaecide container. Different algaecides require different times.

Would you say that treating a mentally ill person is more expensive that treating one with physical illness?

My cousin has a psychosis issue. I constantly has suicidal and homicidal ideations. Sometime he trys to act on them but isnt successful lol He takes a cocktail of medications ti treat it and relie... Read More »