What is the protein content in dog food?

Answer Protein is important in a dog's diet to help strengthen and build the immune system, provide adequate nourishment for growth, and supply energy. The amount of protein that a dog gets from its food ... Read More »

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High fat content food?

Im not sure but i think he is talking about good fats. Like salmon it high in omega 3 and so is avacado. Olive oil is good to. I cant imagen a transfat diet. But if that is the case maby deep frie... Read More »

How to Test for Food Alcohol Content?

Alcohol is usually included in recipes to add a specific flavor, not to get people drunk. You may not worry about the alcohol content of your recipes because you have heard alcohol is burned off du... Read More »

What is the best food for protein?

Boiled eggs are a good source of protein, and also vitamins.

I need a protein dense food?

Textured vegetable protein, tempeh, and tofu.