What is the proper way to clean a car windshield?

Answer A dirty windshield can inhibit visibility and make driving unsafe. Your car's windshield should be cleaned regularly with the proper materials.CleaningWhen cleaning a windshield, be sure to use a c... Read More »

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Proper Care of Windshield Wipers?

Keep your windshield wipers in good repair to ensure the best visibility for driving. Combat stormy weather, road grime and dust by using the wipers to keep the windshield free of film and obstacle... Read More »

What Is The Proper Way To Clean My LCD Computer Screen ?

I use and it works very well.good luck

What is the proper way to clean dried lotion off my keyboard?

Lol JJ!!! :) You are just hilarious, you know that?Um ... You really need to shower after that sort of thing, too bad the poor keyboard can't take the water

What Is the Proper Way to Clean Belly Button Piercings?

Belly button rings are worn to adorn the navel. The rings usually come in a circular or barbell shape and are available in a variety of metals such as gold, silver and surgical steel. It is importa... Read More »