What is the proper wattage for my device?

Answer have the hubby test it first, make sure nothing will short out...

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Which of the following is the proper washing procedure for your Personal Flotation Device PFD?

I want to record live music (guitar, vocals etc) using a portable digital device. What device is best to use?

I have a Firepod by Presonus with recording software from Cubase. It's like having a professional recording studio tied to your home computer.If you care, I have a website at Read More »

What is RMS wattage on a car amplifier?

Root mean square, or RMS, is a term to reference the amount of continuous power in an amplifier. A car's audio system uses amplifiers to power either subwoofers or speakers.RMS PowerRMS is a mathem... Read More »

What is the wattage measured in?

Watts. Big wattage is measured in kilowatts (watts x 1000).