What is the proper use of camping toilets?

Answer Camping used to mean digging a cat hole to relieve one's bodily needs. Many wilderness areas now require human waste to be packed out. Whether your favorite groover is a commercially available pack... Read More »

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Which camping lantern should you bring camping?

On One Hand: Fuel Burning LanternsFuel burning lanterns are great for camping simply because they offer the best source of light. They are meant for outdoor use only, however, and some can be consi... Read More »

How do I use lye in toilets?

Plunging the ToiletUnclog the bulk of your toilet drain by plunging the toilet vigourously. Use a force ball-type plunger if possible instead of a cup-style plunger; the ball type looks rounded ins... Read More »

How to Resurface Toilets?

You can rejuvenate your old tarnished or mismatched toilet by resurfacing it with the appropriate coating. Because toilets are ill-suited for adhesion, they will reject new finishes. You must prepa... Read More »

Why Toilets Overflow?

If and when you encounter your toilet overflowing, you can never just ignore it. Simply mopping up the overflowed water won't erase the reason the toilet overflowed in the first place. You need to ... Read More »