What is the proper use of an apostrophe?

Answer An apostrophe is a punctuation mark that is used to form contractions, to show possession or to indicate the plural form of a letter of the alphabet.Singular PossessiveTo show possession or ownersh... Read More »

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What is the proper use of an apostrophe with a name ending in s?

According to the Purdue Online Writing Lab, if the possessive noun is singular ending with the letter "s," you add an apostrophe after the last letter. For example, Jones'. It is also acceptable t... Read More »

What is correct use of the apostrophe?

Apostrophes should be used for three reasons only, according to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab: to indicate possession, to indicate letter omission in a contraction, and for certain plura... Read More »

What is an apostrophe in English?

The apostrophe is a punctuation symbol that designates possession, omission of letters in a contraction or possessive plurals. A contraction is a word omitting a number of letters, such as "can't."... Read More »

What is an apostrophe in literary terms?

An apostrophe in a literary sense means to address an abstraction, an absent or dead individual, or an inanimate object that are not physically present. It is often used in plays, in which the acto... Read More »