What is the proper punishment for my husband's insolence...?

Answer ur right that is trash. boil him in oil! use chinese water torture! send his *** to the guillitine! or just withhold sex for a week.

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What is the proper punishment for my 17 year old who got caught drinking a beer this morning?

Sorry Smurfy. She's at that difficult age. Time to be there but start letting go. Her screw ups are her own now.

What would you do if your husbands 21 and 26 yr old brothers lived on your couches and didnt pay rent husbands to nice to kick out at its running marriage?

Hubby needs to step up and you have to explain to him that if the brothers don't get a place of their own he will be living with them but without you. Being a doormat is not being "nice" and they a... Read More »

What is the meaning of insolence?

The word insolence is defined as the act or state of being insolent; insolent, in turn, means insultingly contemptuous in speech or conduct.SynonymsSynonyms include overbearing, impudent, rude and... Read More »

Capital Punishment Vs. Civil Punishment?

Capital punishment and civil punishment represent two extremes of legal sentences. Capital punishment, used and debated throughout the world, represents the ultimate punishment, by requiring the li... Read More »