What is the proper name for an eye doctor?

Answer Commonly referred to as an "eye doctor," an ophthalmologist is a physician who has received specialized training in eye and vision care. The word stems from the Greek word for the eye, ophthalmos.S... Read More »

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What is the proper name for eye boogers?

The official name for eye boogers, the gooey substance that forms on your eyes while you sleep, is rheum. It's a naturally-produced discharge from the eyes made up of tears, dirt, mucus and dead sk... Read More »

What is the meaning of proper name?

A noun indicates people, places, things, qualities or actions. A proper name or proper noun is a noun that denotes a specific or particular person, event or place. For example, Queen Elizabeth, Rev... Read More »

What is the proper name for a tractor hitch?

A tractor "hitch" is called a drawbar. The drawbar holds trailers and attachments and serves as a tie-off point when pulling stumps and rocks from the ground. It is not recommended to tie off to an... Read More »

What is the proper name for snowball flowers?

The snowball flower appears on the shrub Viburnum opulus "Roseum." The snowball viburnum, which was introduced to North America by European colonists, produces round, 3-inch, snowball-like clusters... Read More »