Who manufactures the weiner dog earbuds?

Answer Those used to be offered by but looks like they are now discontinued. There are a lot of other styles novelty earbuds you can find online. A good deal of them are made b... Read More »

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If you cut off your weiner does it grow back?

Well time will tell. I hope it does. What a shame it would be if the world was deprived of the children you might have had. It sounds like you are on your way to becoming quite a chef. How about su... Read More »

How to Tell the "I'm a Weiner" Joke from the Simpson's Movie?

Simpson's Watching Their Own Movie?So you've seen the Simpson's movie and you want to tell that joke from it with "I'm a Weiner". It's really very easy.

How do I Make a Flyer for a Weiner Roast?

During the summer and fall, it is fun to have weiner roasts in the backyard. If you are planning a large one for your neighborhood, church or company, creating a flier is one of the cheapest ways o... Read More »

Need ideas for throwing a weiner dog party!?

have all the food and snacks in dog food bowls- get those at the dollar store. you can even take a marker and write each guests name on a bowl for them instead of a plate.make corn dogs, little wee... Read More »