What is the proper name for a baby deliverer?

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What is the proper name for a baby swan?

The proper name for a baby swan is cygnet, pronounced sig-nit. This word originates from the Middle English word cignet, which is from the Anglo-Norman diminutive of the Old French word cygne, mean... Read More »

What is proper attire to wear to a baby shower?

Check with the hostess of the shower, she should be able to guide you in this. Otherwise, place it is being held, time of day, week and year will effect the decision. A garden party in spring, or a... Read More »

What Signs to Look for in Proper Baby Development?

Parents anxiously await the achievement of each developmental milestone--signs that their baby is developing both cognitively and physically. Reaching age-appropriate milestones does not necessaril... Read More »

What is the proper name for eye boogers?

The official name for eye boogers, the gooey substance that forms on your eyes while you sleep, is rheum. It's a naturally-produced discharge from the eyes made up of tears, dirt, mucus and dead sk... Read More »