What is the proper length of a kayak paddle?

Answer The proper length of a kayak paddle is determined by the kayaker's height and the kayak's width. Touring kayak paddles are typically 220 to 255 centimeters, while paddles for recreational kayaking ... Read More »

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What is the correct length of a kayak paddle?

When kayaking, the shorter your paddle, the more efficient your strokes. For a hardshell kayak close to the water, a paddle in the 220 cm (86 inches) range works well. If you are 6-foot-4 or taller... Read More »

How to Paddle a Kayak Correctly?

Kayaking is an increasingly popular water activity that many people pursue for exercise or to relax and enjoy nature. Kayakers are found on freshwater rivers and lakes as well as saltwater bays and... Read More »

How to Hold and Use Kayak Paddle?

This article is all about holding and using a kayak paddle. The way you hold the paddle can affect how well you navigate the kayak and how much energy you use.

How long should a kayak paddle be?

A kayak paddle is made of fiberglass and is used to propel and steer a kayak in the water. The length of the paddle varies based on the kayaker's arm length. However, the average length of a kayak ... Read More »