What is the proper height for a house address plaque?

Answer Answer About 5 foot 6 inchs or eye level when viewed from the street.

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What is the proper form for an address with a street address&a post office box?

Decide if you want the envelope mailed to the PO Box or the Street address, and put that address directly above the city, state and ZIP code line. The other one can then go above that. The post off... Read More »

What is the proper sconce height?

If the sconce opens upward, place it at least 6 feet off the floor to avoid a direct view of the bulb. If it opens downward, place it below the 6-foot mark. You should also decide how bright you wa... Read More »

What is proper mailbox height?

The correct mailbox height is 41 to 45 inches measured from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox. Posts should be sturdy, but the U.S. Postal Service recommends using a mailbox support that wil... Read More »

What is the proper mail box height?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) standard advises that the bottom of your mailbox should be between 41 to 45 inches high from the surface of the street. The USPS requires you to contact them... Read More »