What is the proper angle to carry the U.S. flag in a parade?

Answer The flag of the United States represents all that is good about the nation and its people. Its symbolism supersedes any office or agency within the government and is carried in a place of honor in ... Read More »

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Is it proper to fly the POW MIA flag every day?

Yes, it is proper to fly the POW MIA (Prisoners of War, Missing in Action) flag every day. Flying the flag every day is a constant reminder that we are awaiting all those unaccounted for in the Vie... Read More »

What is the proper way to salute the Texas flag?

As a symbol of the state and its people, the Texas flag is treated with great respect. It is one of only two American flags to have also represented an independent nation--a fact which fills many T... Read More »

The Proper Display of the U.S. Flag in County Courtrooms?

The proper method for displaying a U.S. flag is covered under the Flag Code. The rules contained therein apply for flags flown in all manner of configurations, from streetlights to courtrooms. The ... Read More »

The Proper Techniques to Tuck & Fold the Flag From a Casket?

American flags that adorn the caskets of deceased military personnel and veterans are respectfully displayed upon the casket and removed from it in adherence to strict procedures. When it is presen... Read More »