Pronunciation Tools?

Answer Being able to pronounce words correctly is among the most important aspects of language comprehension, and a failure to vocalize a word or phrase correctly can lead to confusion. By focusing on the... Read More »

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How to Improve Your Pronunciation?

No matter what language you are learning, it can be difficult to master the pronunciation. We are influenced by our own native tongue as how to pronounce groups of letters. There might be some soun... Read More »

Pronunciation: Bose?

It is boze.I have worked with Bose company product reps and that is how they pronounce it.Call the company and see how they answer the phone if you really want to check for yourself.Call 1-800-WWW-... Read More »

The Advantages of Correct Pronunciation?

Learning how to speak properly has advantages that extend beyond the classroom. While people might still be able to understand you if you do not pronounce words correctly, the overall effect of you... Read More »

How to Improve Spanish Pronunciation?

Don't give up!Learning a new language can be a challenge, especially when it involves producing sounds you have never had to produce before. Spanish, especially, has a few unfamiliar sounds and pat... Read More »