What is the programme on BBC 2 that has foxes in it?

Answer manny "pacman" paqpapaqpaqpaqciao

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What was that programme in the 70s80s that was like Gentle Ben but the guy had a massive beard and was portly and always wore a checked shirt and I'm sure there was a bear?

I think that the TV series that you are referring to is The Adventures Of Grizzly Adams. You may or may not recall that several Made-For-TV Movies were spun-off from this TV series.

What was the name of the mine that was due to reopen in Truro and the name of the company operating it that Michael Portillo visited in a programme for BBC?

What was the children's programme that had a scientist or something like that in it something about a castle and i remember two female vampire things i think?

The comedy-horror genre was a short-lived one on Kidvid and the censors objectedYou may be thinking of Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles-Frankenstein Junior was an oversized robot. I seem to reca... Read More »

What was the programme that was on CBBC it was about figuring out a crime?