What is the program called to remove a copyright from a dvd so i can make copies?

Answer as long as you are backing up your own legal movie copy's it is legal. Dvdfab works great.

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How do I remove a program called Contra Virus 2.0 It does not allow me to remove it from add/remove programs.?

Symantec has numerous removal tools for virus's for free. Just type the name in and it will give you the removal tool. (Under Downloads)

I need to remove a program called iminet, i have tried everything i know?

Have you tried a system restore? That will restore your system back to a "checkpoint" in time. All your documents (.docx's and pictures) do not get effected, but programs will be set to how they we... Read More »

How do I copyright the name of a program?

Under U.S. copyright law, you cannot copyright a name. You can, however, apply for a trademark through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Go to the Trademark Office site and fill out the electro... Read More »

Write a program in 8086 assembly languvage that copies a string to a nother memory?

The instructions needed to answer the basic question may be found here:…