What is the program called to remove a copyright from a dvd so i can make copies?

Answer as long as you are backing up your own legal movie copy's it is legal. Dvdfab works great.

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How do I remove a program called Contra Virus 2.0 It does not allow me to remove it from add/remove programs.?

Symantec has numerous removal tools for virus's for free. Just type the name in and it will give you the removal tool. (Under Downloads)

How to Remove Copyright Violations from wikiHow?

In order to respect the intellectual property of others and to remain legal, wikiHow does not allow copyrighted work to be shown on wikiHow without the explicit permission of the copyright holder. ... Read More »

I need to remove a program called iminet, i have tried everything i know?

Have you tried a system restore? That will restore your system back to a "checkpoint" in time. All your documents (.docx's and pictures) do not get effected, but programs will be set to how they we... Read More »

How do I copyright the name of a program?

Under U.S. copyright law, you cannot copyright a name. You can, however, apply for a trademark through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Go to the Trademark Office site and fill out the electro... Read More »