What is the processer on the iphone 4?

Answer It is called a folio case and you could get it from all good mobile phone stockists.

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Is it easy to change a processer?

yes if u are computer smart and u know what your doing. and if u know the math to figure out what not to do and what to do. im sure u can do it.

I have a hp 2000-412nr labtop with 320gb radeon graphics amd dual core processer can it play games like bf3?

No, that's a budget laptop for everyday use and very light gaming.The E-300 processor is very low-end and the Radeon HD 6310 is only enough to play games like Minecraft and the Sims, not high-end t... Read More »

IPhone 3GS to iPhone 4. I just bought a iPhone 3GS the day before the iPhone 4 was announced. Is there any way I can return mine with the money going towards the iPhone 4?

I'm assuming this is old as the iPhone has been out awhile, but no there is no return policy with Apple or AT&T.

Can iPhone Sim Cards be swapped into another iPhone If so what is the process after you put the Sim in the other iPhone?

Yes it can be swapped. I actually swapped my razr's sim card to my iphone. Nothing happened. It works perfectly.