What is the process to get someone out of my house?

Answer An unwanted guest should be removed immediately. There's no need to feel guilty for making someone leave your house. It is your house and your rules that the guest must respect. If a guest has outw... Read More »

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What would you do if you were in the process of buying a house and?

Hopefully all these "promises" were in writing. Anytime you are dealing in Real Estate everything HAS to be in writing. Real Estate can be the most crooked business to deal in. People make promi... Read More »

What is the process when the bank forecloses on a house?

Missing mortgage payments can lead to foreclosure more quickly than you might expect. Your lender can begin foreclosure proceedings in less than six months. If you are worried about missed payments... Read More »

Why does my house phone have static when u call someone or someone calls u?

You need to rule out that it's not your actual phone unit. Try unplugging in another phone and if you still have static then it's in your lines and can easily be fixed by calling the phone company... Read More »

How to Understand the Process of Buying a House in the USA?

Buying a home requires a series of steps that optimally occur in a certain order. Deviating from the normal order or skipping steps works sometimes, but understanding the logic of the normal proces... Read More »