What is the procedure for mopping a floor?

Answer Answer Fill the bucket with warm water bleach and bubbly stuff. Put your mop in and squeeze out excess water. Then push it over the floor removing dirt. Try not to walk over the area you just mopped.

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What can I add to Clorox when mopping the floor?

The solution of cleaner and water with which to mop a floor may include bleach, such as Clorox or another brand, if the floor is not hardwood and is in need of disinfecting. Adding a floor-cleanin... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Dry Mopping & Wet Mopping?

The differences between wet and dry mopping lie in the treatment of the mop head. When dry mopping, a dry mopping solution such as a polishing spray may be used, but you should spray this on and al... Read More »

Is hot water used in mopping floors?

I suck at sweeping, mopping, any kind of cleaning, and I'm hella slow!?

Ask them to show you how to do it properly.