What is the problem with my back?

Answer Sounds like you may have pulled a muscle. Give it a couple of days, and if the pain gets worse, or doesn't go away, then maybe see your Dr. Also, try getting a good massage from time to time!

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Im having no back pain of masturbation . Is that a problem!?

There's no reason that masturbating should make your back hurt.If a person has a poor back, then many activities might make a person's back hurt.

How should I deal with a lower back problem?

Mr. Warren, it is so lovely to read a well-worded question on here. I had terrible sciatic nerve pain due to a slipped disk. Not the same issue as yours, surely, but terribly painful at the time.... Read More »

I just got back from a vacation and had a problem with security at the airport?

800 film will supposedly be ruined by TSA's x-ray machines, I would recommend you get them developed and hope for the best. Next time I would recommend you tell the officer at the metal detector t... Read More »

What is this problem/injury (on back of my heel) and how can I treat it?

There might be a number of reasons for your problem.Since you say it feels like there is air or liquid inside it might be worth having a look at bursitis as the problem. Bursitis is inflammation of... Read More »