What is the principle on which a refrigerator works?

Answer Evaporation is used for cooling in refrigerators. In refrigerator's freezing compartment, a gas, lets say freon is evaporated. Evaporation needs energy, therefore when freon evaporates it takes thi... Read More »

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Can a solar refrigerator be made based on the same principle used for gas refrigerators?

I am a Ph. D. physicist and have thought for years about this. I have never done anything about it. I see "solar refrigerators" on the internet which use solar photovoltaic cells to generate electr... Read More »

Refrigerator doesnt cool but freezer works?

Try vacuuming out the back and underneath...give it 24 hours and see if it starts cooling..

My refrigerator is not cold but the freezer works fine?

All of the cooling in refrigerators is normally done in the freezer compartment. A fan circulates cold air from the freezer into the refrigerator compartment to cool it. Most likely this fan has qu... Read More »

My refrigerator is not getting cold, but my freezer works fine, what can I do to fix it?

Check the back wall or floor of the freezer section for frost. Check the freezer( evaporator) fan to see if it is running. Check the condenser coils( under the unit ) for blockage from dust. Check ... Read More »