How did china influence japan's religion?

Answer Japan's two major belief systems are Shinto and Buddhism. While Shinto developed as an indigenous belief system, Japanese Buddhism was introduced to Japan by China through Korea and has been influ... Read More »

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Ideas for Teaching the Catholic Religion for Pre-Primary?

Teaching preschool children about the Catholic faith gives them a foundation they can build on the rest of their lives. It helps them understand why they go to church, gives them principles to guid... Read More »

The air force installation emergency management program has three primary missions the first mission is to save lives what is another primary mission?

Does porcelain china have the translucent look of bone china?

Both porcelain china and bone china are translucent due to the fineness of the clay and high temperatures of the kilns in which they are baked. Bone china is a hybrid mix of porcelain china and bon... Read More »

Which island in the east china sea is also known as the republic of china?

Taiwan, an island in the East China Sea, is also known as the Republic of China, or ROC. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of the country, first proposed the name in 1905. The name was officially ad... Read More »