What is the primary purpose of the office of child safety?

Answer YES

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What is the primary purpose of FHA?

The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) is an agency created by Congress to provide insurance on real estate loans made in the U.S. and American territories.OriginThe Federal Housing Administratio... Read More »

What is the primary purpose of the law?

Entire books have been written on the basic purpose of the law. The short answer is that it is a system of rules and regulations that allow groups of people to live peacefully in close proximity to... Read More »

What is the purpose of a primary key?

Microsoft Office Access is database software for companies and households alike. It is important to maintain the integrity of the records in the database. This is done through the use of a primary ... Read More »

Can you obtain a secondary health insurance policy for a child when the primary placement parent has the primary insurance coverage?

Answer Yes most definately! It does not matter who has "primary placement". It is based on which parents birthdate comes first in the year. If you were born Jan 3rd and the other parent was bor... Read More »