What is cellular respiration used for?

Answer Cellular respiration is used by cells in order to gather energy from food. This is accomplished by breaking down the glucose in food using oxygen and other cell material. The energy is then stored ... Read More »

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What is the first step in cellular respiration?

Glycolysis, also known as glucose oxidation, is the first reaction step in cellular respiration. Glycolysis is a metabolic pathway that breaks down glucose to yield energy in the form of pyruvic ac... Read More »

Facts About Cellular Respiration?

Every process that takes place in the body requires energy. And even though a person's dietary intake provides the essential materials needed, cell metabolism processes convert these materials into... Read More »

What does cellular respiration produce?

Cellular respiration refers to when the cells break down food to release energy for your body to use. It is broken down into two forms of respiration: anaerobic and aerobic.References:Hyperphysics:... Read More »

Where does cellular respiration take place?

The first part of cellular respiration--the breakdown of glucose into pyruvic acid--takes place in the cytosol. The remainder--the oxidization of the acid into carbon dixode and water, which releas... Read More »