What is the primary factor involved in water movement in plants?

Answer Water moves from roots to the leaves through a process known as transpiration. About 90 percent of the water evaporates into the atmosphere. Plants require some water for metabolism and structure.R... Read More »

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What is a primary factor?

A primary factor is an amount of money that is put aside in order to help a business to prosper. Since the primary factor facilitates production, it has the potential to diminish. A synonym for pri... Read More »

What is the repeated movement of water between Earth's surface& the atmosphere called?

The repeated movement of water between the Earth's surface and atmosphere is called the hydrologic cycle. Water moves in a cyclical pattern between the atmosphere, the surface of the earth and belo... Read More »

What Is the Energy Factor of a Power Vent Water Heater?

The energy factor is a term defined by the U.S. Department of Energy that rates the overall efficiency of a power vent water heater. It includes the rate of thermal efficiency and the standby loss... Read More »

Is ocean water pressure restrictive to movement?

According to Michigan State University's website, water pressure increases deeper in the ocean because of "an increase in hydrostatic pressure." That's the force the water exerts as you descend. NA... Read More »