What is the primary cause of physiologic jaundice?

Answer Physiologic jaundice is a common, temporary and usually harmless condition found in healthy newborn babies. Jaundice appears as a yellowish coloring of the skin and whites of the eyes.CausesThe pri... Read More »

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Can maternal hypertension cause neonatal jaundice?

Nothing. Even the best antiviral drugs around today can only slightly reduce the infection time, usually only by a day or two. In 5-10% of children given the antiviral drugs there have been reports... Read More »

What is a primary cause of cavities and gingivitis?

Tooth cavities, or dental caries as they are known to the profession, are caused almost entirely by sugar, the worst being the sticky sugars used in candies, chocolate bars, and other gooey treats.... Read More »

What Does Physiologic Mean?

When someone suffers from an illness, his body does not behave normally on the physiological level. For example, if he has the flu, his body does not react normally; it is not in its physiologic st... Read More »

If you and a spouse have different health insurance but have never designated one as primary or secondary could this cause problems when you do designate primary or secondary?

Answer If you have insurance through your employer, and you are the policy holder,(the insurance is in your name) this insurance will be primary for you, and your spouses insurance policy will be s... Read More »