What is the primary cause of physiologic jaundice?

Answer Physiologic jaundice is a common, temporary and usually harmless condition found in healthy newborn babies. Jaundice appears as a yellowish coloring of the skin and whites of the eyes.CausesThe pri... Read More »

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What Does Physiologic Mean?

When someone suffers from an illness, his body does not behave normally on the physiological level. For example, if he has the flu, his body does not react normally; it is not in its physiologic st... Read More »

How to Cope with Emotional and Physiologic Stress?

We all have stress in our lives at some point yes? Well there are some of us that are too overly stressed and need some help to make sure it does not develop into a much worse case scenario.

My broker failed to canel my policy new primary in effect same Co Will not refund me Can I have two primary at the same time?

Depends on the rules and the policy provisions. Do you have proof you asked the broker to cancel the policy?

If divorced parents both carry insurance and father's is primary can the mother file hers as primary?

AnswerJust file and when the question asks about other coverage - answer it honestly. I see so many questions on this site about primary - secondary and don't understand all the confusion. Just fil... Read More »