What is the price of solar panels?

Answer The price of solar panels depends on the manufacturer, size and wattage. For example, as of April 2010, the Sunforce 200-watt CIGS panel kit from Home Depot costs $1,180 for two panels, while the E... Read More »

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Are solar panels worth the price?

On One Hand: Abundance of Clean EnergySolar panels provide their users with an abundant source of clean energy. This energy can power a myriad of applications and can even be sold back to the power... Read More »

What is the average wholesale price of solar panels?

The average cost of a solar panel varies depending on the size and output. Smaller panels that have an output of less than 150 watts average between $200 and $400. Larger panels with an output high... Read More »

Are solar panels AC or DC?

Solar panels produce energy in the form of direct current. Most household power is alternating current. To make solar power useful for residential electricity, an inverter is needed to convert DC t... Read More »

Where to buy solar panels?

If you're not looking for a DIY type of project go to have a network of installers they work with around the country so they should be able connect you with so... Read More »