What is the price of package of bottles for baby's?

Answer It costs about $4.00 at WalMart or Target.

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I heard Costco sells liquor now. How many 8 liter bottles of Maker's do I have to buy to get the low price?

Jeeze a van?are you buying for yourself or a bar?1. Depends on your state. Costco can sell liquor in some states, not all.2. The price for 1 bottle is going to be lower than many other stores alrea... Read More »

Differences Between Reusable Water Bottles and Plastic Bottles?

Designers and manufacturers make water bottles in a variety of different styles and shapes. If a bottle is a single use only, attention is paid to certain aspects, such as safety-sealed lids. If a ... Read More »

What did the babys sleep in?

The sale price of a photography book is 20 percent off the list price if the sale price of the book is 10 what is the list price?