What is the price of jet fuel?

Answer The price of jet fuel will depend on the oil markets and fluctuates daily. Price increases are often seen in airline ticket prices. As of April 23, 2010, the price of jet fuel per barrel was $96 or... Read More »

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Fuel Price Conspiracy?

yes your so rite , that way they get the car market stimulated by selling more hybrids !

How Is the Price of Fuel Established?

The price of fuel, like most products, is set largely through supply and demand -- the supply of the fuel by producers and the demand set by users. However, there are several factors unique to the ... Read More »

What was the price of diesel fuel on 11-21-08?

Gas and diesel prices are tracked weekly by the U.S. Energy Information Administration: The week of November 17, 2008, had a U.S. national average diesel price of $2.822 per gallon.References:U.S. ... Read More »

Why is diesel fuel higher than gasoline In price?

Consistently increasing demand is the main reason that diesel now costs more than regular gas. Diesel, which is derived from crude oil, is called a distillate. The demand for distillates and heatin... Read More »