What is the price of jet fuel?

Answer The price of jet fuel will depend on the oil markets and fluctuates daily. Price increases are often seen in airline ticket prices. As of April 23, 2010, the price of jet fuel per barrel was $96 or... Read More »

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What was the price of diesel fuel on 11-21-08?

Gas and diesel prices are tracked weekly by the U.S. Energy Information Administration: The week of November 17, 2008, had a U.S. national average diesel price of $2.822 per gallon.References:U.S. ... Read More »

What is the average price of marine diesel fuel?

In 2009, marine diesel fuel (#2) cost $2.75 to $3.00 per gallon. The price varies from state to state and from port to port. This price was calculated based on a the total cost of purchasing in 600... Read More »

What percentage of an airplane ticket price is fuel?

Forty percent of an airplane ticket's price is fuel. As of 2010, the average cost of U.S. domestic airfare is approximately $182 per ticket. The average cost per passenger for fuel is $74. The aver... Read More »

What is the average price per gallon for fuel for truckers in the United States?

As of May 30, 2010, eTrucker reports that the average price of diesel fuel for truckers is $2.998 per gallon, or $2.752 excluding tax. These prices are based on a high of $3.272 in Washington and a... Read More »