What is the price of a zircon?

Answer Zircon is a natural gemstone that comes in several colors. According to the Awesome Gemstones price guide, as of April 2010, the price of zircon is $30 to $800 per carat depending on the color, cut... Read More »

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What is zircon used for?

Ceramics and refractories are the main users of zircon because of its durability and resistance to heat. The uses of zircon include ceramics (54 percent), refractories (14 percent), foundry sands (... Read More »

What Are the Physical Characteristics of Zircon?

Zircon is no relative of the man-made diamond substitute, cubic zirconia. Zircon is a silicate mineral occurring widely throughout the Earth's crust, though rarely in concentrated amounts. Zircon h... Read More »

Can zircon be recycled?

Zircon is recyclable, and early rhyolite zircon often is recycled in later rhyolite, which is incorporated into several succeeding magmatic melts. Zircon is used in the creation of zirconium oxide,... Read More »

Facts of Blue Zircon?

Zircon is not to be confused with the similar-in-name cubic zirconia, a laboratory-created diamond imitation. In fact, zircon is a natural gemstone found in a number of colors, including blue. ... Read More »