What is the price of a medium pepperoni pizza from donatos, 46229 zipcode?

Answer $10.69. There is $1.00 off coupon on a medium as long as you don't order Bakery Pizza.

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Does pizza hut still have the deal " buy a large pizza for a medium price 8dollars?

Their website probably has that info, or you could call your local restaurant.

Can you get swine flu from pepperoni pizza?

You can't get swine flu from pork products if it is cooked all the way. The virus can't survive at temperatures over 160 degrees.

What is a good pizza topping i usuall make a pizza with cheese pepperoni peppers and onion but it gets boring?

My fave is bacon, cheddar cheese, mushrooms and tomatoes!!

Plain Chees Pizza Vs. Pepperoni Pizza?

Pepporoni pizza, and don't worry, I'm calling in favors for you to get more answers! ;)