What is the price of a iphone 5 in US?

Answer Nobody knows for sure much the iPhone 5 will cost. The price will probably vary based on the provider and your service plan. Judging by the average price of iPhones at their initial release it may ... Read More »

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What is the price of an iPhone 3GS if you already have an iPhone 3G?

ANSWER First of all mac doesn't refund their phones, so your answer is FULL price. ANSWER It depends on whether you are available for an upgrade or not. To check just text some number, I think it's... Read More »

Can you upgrade from an iPhone 3G to iPhone 3GS if so what is the price?

Yess you can ( but not through the itunes updates). if you are available for an upgrade, just go to the store and you can get the 16GB iPhone for $199, or the 32GB for $299. IF you are NOT availabl... Read More »

How much price of Apple iPhone 4S price in Chennai?

Will the IPHONE 4S lower their price once the NEW IPHONE 5 RELEASES ?

It has already been lowered. Some are selling it for $150 for new contracts instead of $199 a couple weeks ago. I'm sure it will go lower when iphone 5 is out.