What is the price of a HTC Desire at USCellular?

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Im tryin to find,....bu… it won't go to the site,....can you help me, pls!?

I got a text message on my phone that tells me to visit

You're receiving the txt message because your phone isn't capable of receiving txt messages. On your PC (not your phone), visit you can download the pic that was ... Read More »

I have a text message that tells me to go to and enter a code. does anyone know how?

You received a picture message and your phone doesn't support picture messaging so you have to look at it online. Go to that site by clicking here: in your cell ... Read More »

What is the difference between htc desire and htc desire g7?

They are Borge the same size and shape but the G7 is a clone of the Desire, and it is cheaper than the original HTC Desire.