What is the price of Seagate Hard Disk 80GB and 40GB?


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Hey guys please help me to chose a best hard drive! Maxtor 40GB OR Seagate 40GB?

it shoudl not matter check the buffer on the drive 8mb and above and the speed of the driveget the 7200 rpmdont get the 5400rpman ultra ata drive is goodtry to get a higher capacity it shoudl cost ... Read More »

I have a p4 40GB Hard disk 128MB RAM, But it is too slow How do i speed it up,Not much of data in it.?

You should get MORE RAM. For Windows XP, I recommend at least 512MB. Look up your system at this website: http://www.coastmemory.comSome systems require that RAM be set up in identical pairs, ... Read More »

I'm selling my 5 year old 'Seagate' 20GB hard disk.?

before you sell it fill it up with twenty gb of rubbish like videos and music defrag it then format it and do it again , then fdisk it and format it i defy you to get any usable data after that (as... Read More »

The Difference Between the 40Gb, 60Gb and 80Gb PS3?

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) game console is the successor of the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 from Sony Computer Entertainment. The PS3 has been released with several different configurations includin... Read More »