What is the pressure rating of schedule 40 stainless steel pipe?

Answer Pressure ratings vary by pipe size, temperature, specific stainless alloy, and whether the pipe is seamless or not. For example, the pressure rating for a 1-inch diameter schedule 40 seamless type... Read More »

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What pressure can a Schedule 40 black pipe take?

Schedule 40 black pipe (also known as carbon steel pipe) has a pressure rating from 791 to 2,857 psig (pounds per square inch gauge). The pressure rating differences are dependent on pipe size an... Read More »

Tire Pressure Vs. Load Rating?

Over inflation, under inflation or going over the maximum weight a tire can support is a quick way to endanger yourself. According to Mac Demere of 'Edmunds,' nearly every tire blowout occurs on a ... Read More »

What is the pressure rating for a metal brake line?

Brake lines use high-pressure hydraulic forces to operate, therefore it is necessary that the stainless steel tubing be able to handle such pressure. Brake lines have to be rated to handle a pressu... Read More »

Which are features of Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges?

Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges find wide application in power generation, pollution control equipment, chemical & petrochemicals and oil exploration. These gauges are available in 63mm, 100mm & 15... Read More »