What is the pressure in a paintball gun tank?

Answer The pressure in a paintball gun tank varies, depending on whether the tank is made of aluminum or fiber. Aluminum tanks are typically rated for 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi), while fiber tanks... Read More »

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Can u use a small propane tank as a paintball tank?

You could if you know what the right pressure for paintball is, and you can control the output pressure from the tank. Don't attempt it unless you are certain you can do it safely.

What size O-ring fits a paintball CO2 tank?

Paintball CO2 tanks--as well as compressed air tanks--all use the same size O-ring to seal the tank in the air system adapter socket. The O-ring size is usually listed as either 015 or #15. These O... Read More »

What is the maximum operating pressure of a pressure tank for a well?

The recommended maximum operating pressure for a well water pressure tank is 60 pounds per square inch. Anything higher than that can damage or rupture the diaphragm inside the tank.Source:Hammerzo... Read More »

What should the pressure be in a well pressure tank?

If you are talking about residential water supply it is usually around 50psi(This is the pump kick-out point for my system. The pump kicks in at 25psi. My appologies for any confusion.) Answer 21lb