What is the premium of an insurance policy?

Answer When you have insurance, premiums must be paid for the coverage you receive. Insurance premiums can be paid for homeowner's, auto, life and health insurance. Insurance premiums allow you to transf... Read More »

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How often do I pay the premium on my title insurance policy?

Policy holders pay the premium of a title insurance policy only one time. The amount is based upon a percentage of the loan amount. Annual payments are not required to keep the policy active.Refere... Read More »

What is the return of premium in an insurance policy?

Return-of-premium was conceived by insurance companies as a way to sell more policies. The idea was that people resent paying for something that they may never use. So if the insurance companies of... Read More »

An insurance policy with a higher premium most likely has?

What is the meaning of premium in an insurance policy?

People who buy insurance are required to pay premiums to maintain coverage. The decision to refuse or grant coverage and the premium amounts depend on the level of risk determined by the insurer.In... Read More »