What is the preferred instrument that plays the music for breton dances?

Answer Musicians use a wide variety of traditional and modern instruments when performing the music for Breton dances. The most common and traditional instruments used, though, are the biniou, bombard an... Read More »

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Why is the right type of music important to school dances?

Choosing the right kind of music for a school dance is important because it will set the tone for the behavior at the dance. With well chosen music, a school dance can be appropriate and fun.TypesI... Read More »

My ipod 5th generation plays music with no ear buds.. but still plays it with earbuds so i have music comin throgh earbuds and iPod at same time how do i stop this and make musci just come thru earbud?

are a audio output device that allows audio to be played from them

Who here plays an instrument and what is it?

Piano and clarinet! When I first joined band i wanted to play trombone, but my arms werent long enough. :(

What kind of instrument does Logan Henderson plays?

his voice And he Play the Guitar And Piano..He knows dance and acts in films sing He can do a lot of things..He's most talented!