What is the practice of animal testing?

Answer Animal testing is one of the most controversial subjects within the social and scientific communities today; it raises questions of ethics as well as efficacy within the scientific fields of study.... Read More »

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How do I practice GED testing?

Practice OnlineTake free online practice tests on the American Council on Education website. If you are not ready to take a full practice test, review the sample questions and testing categories on... Read More »

Why is animal testing bad?

The animal information and conservation group, Animal Port, reports that there are no laws requiring cosmetic and household products to be tested on animals. The group notes that scientists have av... Read More »

Animal Testing?

Legal issues. We live in a lawsuit-happy time period, and if some fat, middle aged lady slapped on some lotion and got a gross, bubbly rash, she'd probably lose a dress size running so fast for the... Read More »

Is animal testing really useful?

On One Hand: Animal Testing Has Been Beneficial to HumansMajor medical advancements have gained from animal testing including preventative treatments for cancer, better vaccines, organ transplants,... Read More »