How is the Powerball jackpot calculated?

Answer Powerball lotteries create instant millionaires. A simple $1 ticket can turn into a lifetime of riches, provided, of course, the purchaser has enough luck to beat the odds.IdentificationWhile rules... Read More »

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What is the largest Powerball jackpot in history?

As of May 2010, the largest Powerball jackpot ever won occurred on February 18, 2006, worth $365 million. The ticket was purchased by a group of eight employees at a Nebraska meat plant. They chose... Read More »

Where did the word jackpot come from?

The origin of the word "jackpot" is rooted in gambling, specifically referring to a large prize that accumulates in a poker game until a player has a pair of jacks or better to open play and win th... Read More »

How to Play Jackpot?

Jackpot (also known as Watermelon) is a very simple game that is very entertaining. The object is to get 4 of a kind (example: All four Aces) and to get your partner to say jackpot! Jackpot is a ga... Read More »

Things to Do in Jackpot, Nevada?

Although Jackpot, Nevada's population may be a little more than 1,200, the small town hosts a wide array of things to do. Jackpot, located on the Idaho and Nevada state border, was founded in the 1... Read More »