Cheap Motels in Vernal, Utah?

Answer Vernal, Utah offers a variety of attractions for visitors. The nearby Dinosaur National Monument provides an educational opportunity for people of all ages. For outdoor enthusiasts, Flaming Gorge N... Read More »

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How did the name vernal equinox come about?

The vernal equinox occurs only once a year. In the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the turn of the seasons from winter to spring and from shorter to longer days.Two EquinoxesTwo equinoxes, or days wh... Read More »

In what constellation is the vernal equinox?

The vernal equinox occurs every year around March 20. During the vernal equinox, the sun is up for exactly 12 hours, down for exactly 12 hours, and is exactly above the equator at noon. The constel... Read More »

Is the vernal equinox the same as the right ascension?

The vernal equinox, also called the spring equinox, and right ascension are not the same things. The vernal equinox occurs when the sun shines directly on the equator. Right ascension describes whe... Read More »

Why is the vernal equinox important?

An equinox, derived from the Latin words for "equal" and "night," is either of the two times per year when the sun is directly above the equator. The vernal equinox marks the beginning of spring in... Read More »