What does Louis mean?

Answer The name Louis derives from the German name Ludwig. Louis means “famous warrior.” Many English-speaking and French-speaking parents give the name to their baby boys. Examples of men who have ha... Read More »

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What did Mary and Louis Leakey discover?

In 1959, Louis and Mary Leakey discovered and named a fossil of a hominid, or human ancestor, in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. The fossil was about 1.75 million years old, and it was named Zinjanthropus... Read More »

What is the distance between St. Louis& California?

The driving distance, according to Map Quest, between St. Louis, Missouri and Needles, California, a border town, is 1,572 miles if you travel on I-44 West and I-40. Travel Math reports the flight ... Read More »

What are the best places to eat in St. Louis, Missouri?…………

What did Mary& Louis Leaky discover?

Louis and Mary Leakey together and separately made several major discoveries of skeletons and fossils of ancient hominids in Africa. One major discovery was of the fossilized remains of a primate s... Read More »