Is The Seafood as good in the WC Portland as it is in EC Portland?

Answer Well of course it is dear it's very good hear.The main difference is out here we lick our plates clean when were done.We show no MERCY to good eatin'.

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What Food Is Portland Known For?

Portland is best know for it's steaks.The meat here is the best you'll love the flavor !!!It's sooo good in the back of your throat as it goes down...mmmm...yumm.You have to be here to know where t... Read More »

What to do in portland with teenagers?

The outlet Mall in Woodburn is a rip off. You would have more fun shopping at one of the big Portland Malls or in downtown Portland around Macy's. The food in the downtown area is a lot better too.... Read More »

What is the crime rate for portland, oregon?

According to an FBI report, the 2009 crime rate in Portland, Oregon, was 52.77 crimes per 1,000 residents. Violent crime decreased from 3,445 incidents in 2008 to 3,105 in 2009. There were 26,495 r... Read More »

What is the average temperature in portland, oregon?

According to National Weather Service records, which were kept starting in 1874, the average temperature for downtown Portland, Oregon is 54 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest mean is in January (40.1 ... Read More »