What was the first city to reach a one million population?

Answer Rome reached a population of 1 million people at the height of its empire in ancient times. No city could boast the same until London in the early 19th century.Source:ArcaMax: First to Reach 1 Mill... Read More »

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What city has the highest population density?

According to Demographia, a study on world urban areas and population projections, the densest city in the world is Dhaka, Bangladesh. According to the study, which was released in March 2010, Dhak... Read More »

When was London the first city to exceed a population of 1,000,000?

In 1760, London had about 750,000 residents. The first reliable modern census was undertaken in 1801, citing the total population as 1,096,784. By 1815 the population had risen to 1.4 million, maki... Read More »

What was the first city to reach a population of one million?

Rome was the first city to reach one million inhabitants, according to a June 2006 "Ottawa Citizen" article. Founded in 753 B.C., Rome reached a population of one million in 27 A.D. and was conside... Read More »

Which city in Florida has the largest population?

Jacksonville boasts the largest population in the state of Florida, according to Florida's official website. The state reported that Jacksonville had a population of 736,000 as of 2000. Second plac... Read More »