How many miles from Austin Texas to Randolph AFB Texas?

Answer Randolph AFB is 68.5 miles southwest of Austin.

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What channel is qudo for direct tv in Austin Texas?

The CW network(WNLO) channel on Direct TV is on Channel 23.

What is the average cost of apartments in Austin, Texas?

As of April 2010, the average cost of a studio apartment is $825 per month. A one-bedroom costs around $880 per month. A two bedroom can be had for $1,158, and a three-bedroom costs around $1,528 p... Read More »

What is the normal barometric pressure in Austin, Texas?

The barometric pressure in Austin, Texas, ranges between an average high of 30.09 inches and an average low pressure of 28.88 inches. Barometric pressure refers to air pressure; it is named for the... Read More »

I just paid $3.20 a gallon for gas, Austin Texas. What did you pay and where are you?