What is an Arizona crossing?

Answer Arizona's desert valley floor is composed of hard caliche and sandy gravels, absorbing little water during rainfall. Most precipitation runs off the surface, forming numerous arroyos which remain d... Read More »

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What is Arizona like?

Scottsdale is really close to Phoenix, and its a GORGEOUS place! Scottsdale is a large but cute area. As far as landscape and climate, it is indeed very hot, but its a dry heat. The area is surroun... Read More »

What is the pH of the water in Phoenix, Arizona?

According to the 2009 Water Quality Report published by the City of Phoenix Water Services Department, the lowest detected level of pH in water was 6.9 and the highest was 9.0. Recommended secondar... Read More »

What happens in an Arizona foreclosure?

Most of the single-home foreclosures in Arizona use the nonjudicial process. A nonjudicial foreclosure is facilitated by a trustee appointed by the lender. Nonjudicial proceedings do not need to i... Read More »

What Turtles Live in Arizona?

Arizona is home to a diverse collection of reptiles and amphibians. Among its more charismatic reptiles are the turtles, which include six native species and three introduced species. Despite the s... Read More »