What was George M. Pullman's invention?

Answer American industrialist George M. Pullman (1831-1897) remodeled two train coaches in 1858, creating the first sleeping coach. His invention led him to found the Pullman Palace Car Company in 1867. H... Read More »

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Colleges near Pullman, Washington?

Pullman, Washington, can be found in the Southeast portion of the state. The city hosts both Washington State University and the National Lentil Festival. The city, primarily a farming community, w... Read More »

How to Season a Pullman Bread Pan?

Pullman loaf pans bake a perfectly rectangular loaf of bread that is consistent in size throughout the entire loaf. Pullman pans produce square slices of bread with a flat top. A cover on the pan k... Read More »

What is a Pullman bed on a cruise ship?

A Pullman bed on a cruise ship is a bed that folds down from the wall, or slides down from the ceiling over the other beds in the cabin. The bed is secured by brackets, and has a ladder for access.... Read More »

How to Bake a Loaf of Pullman Bread?

Loaf of Pullan bread fresh out of the oven.Pullman bread is baked in a special loaf pan called a Pullman pan. The pan comes with a lid used to cover the bread during baking. Once baked the bread ma... Read More »