What is the distance from Lima, Peru to Cuzco, Peru?

Answer Via road, the distance between Lima and Cuzco, Peru, is roughly 605 miles, or 975 kilometers. The journey, which goes southeast through such cities as Mala, Nazca and Palpa, takes about 16 hours.Re... Read More »

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What is the calling code for peru?

The calling code for Peru is 51. It must be dialed directly after dialing the exit code for the country being called from. After dialing 51, a one or two digit Peruvian city code is required, follo... Read More »

What is the weather like in Peru now?

This year there is a mild "Niño" in the coast so temp in Lima is around 24-25 degrees centigrades(like mid 80 F?) even in the middle of winter. It depends where you want to go in Peru, the highlan... Read More »

What is the national anthem of peru?

The national anthem of Peru is the official song of the Peruvian nation, a country located on the Pacific coast of South America. The anthem, like the country, has a rich history.NameThe official n... Read More »

What is the name of money in Peru?

The nuevo sol, which means "new sun," is the name for Peruvian currency. Its international code is PEN. One nuevo sol can be divided into 100 centimos, and as of March 2010, one nuevo sol is the eq... Read More »