If Paris Hilton's parents weren't rich--what would Paris be doing for a living?

Answer cosmotology for sure

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What Hats Do Men Wear in Paris?

Paris is considered by many as the fashion capital of the world. With internationally acclaimed shopping districts such as the Saint-Germain de Pres and Le Marais districts, it's no wonder that the... Read More »

What food is paris famous for?

The most widely recognisable food to come from France is probably the croissant.

What Do You Think Of Paris Hilton?

I think she's pretty cool even though I tell others she's a *****! I dunno why I say that.Even though she's rich she's pretty funny.Her shows like simple life with Nicole Richie was pretty funny.So... Read More »

What is Paris Hilton famous for?

paris hilton is from the hilton hotel one knew who she was until there was a scandal with her being in a sex tape that someone put on the internet...after that the magazines started fol... Read More »